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5 days and 5 ways to use Art❤Resin


Well...that's a lot of 5's isn't it! It's been a crazy day for me!   I always bite off more than I can chew and this week was no different!   Scheduling for 2 glass workshops, preparing lots of art for the Tiny House Festival this weekend...and our Spring Open House @ 44 Marketplace is less than a month away!!!!   No rest for the weary!   So I'm ending my 5 days and 5 ways with a little something you #ArtResin lovers may not have considered!   Coasters!   Yep.  Coasters!  I had some some of these 4x4 tiles from a sample I was considering for my backsplash!  Change of plan for  backsplash now so I WAS gonna return them...but no!   Coasters!   I am making custom coasters!   


I'm using tumbled travertine tiles.  These tiles are fragile!   They are dusty as well so first I washed them well and when they were dry I sealed them.  Why, you ask?   I am using strapping tape on the edges to form a "wall edge" and the tape sticks better to a sealed edge!

Ok. So they are clean, dust free and sealed.  Now I wrap the edges in strapping tape so I can pool on the resin without it running off the edge! (See pic). Once I have it taped, I mix a small amount of know the drill.  Stir stir stir!  Before I color my resin I brush a thin coat untinted on my tile so that the tinted colors kinda flow nicer.  Now I split my resin into 2 small disposable cups.  I tint one with a blue-green alcohol ink and the other with cheapo white craft paint.  Now I'm just gonna pour each color on randomly/separately.  At this point you don't ever really know what your gonna make sure you pour a set of four at the same time so that they are in the same color family!  I poured some of the blue on one side and the white in a corner or 2. Once the entire tile was covered, I picked up my tile and turned it this way and that to allow the colors to blends and meld together.  Sometimes I will use a straw to blow color in a particular direction.  So this is what I ended up with today!  I love these!!!!   You could even embed things as long as your resin was thick enough to cover your object completely!   I'm working on LOTS of these coaster sets so look for them soon at #44Marketplace!  Hope you like them and I hope you have enjoyed our 5 days and 5 ways.   I'll add a finished coaster pic tomorrow, but for now here's my "in-process" pics!

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                     5 days and 5 ways to use ArtResin!

Today's Day 4 #ArtResin post is personal and my most very favorite!  I've basically been remodeling my house for the entire 3 years we have lived in Georgia.  I've made lots of headway and most recently designed and fabricated my very own DIY countertops.  The countertops we had were hideous!  They were corian with an integral sink.  Ugh!  Disgusting!   I started by ripping out that nasty Corian and a friend built new countertop forms for me out of  a double thickness of specialty plywood.  Once they were built I took those behemoths to my studio and stared at them for several weeks.  Ahhhh.  What to do.  I kinda knew the look I wanted...but I was so nervous to get started.  Once I had devised a color plan, I began my journey.  I started by sealing the underside of the forms with ???  What?  Well ArtResin of course.  I was installing an undermount sink so I needed to take extra precautions!  I then applied several layers of a concrete veneer product (if you are interested in that process, please contact me!). Once that was dry...I needed to apply my colors.  I had a plan. I didn't really follow my plan...that's kinda how I roll.  I'm more of a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl!  So that's what I did.  I squirted on diluted colorants...a little bit of gray...a tad of cream, a splash of this and a dollop of that!   I kept this up until I was completely happy with what I had created!  It was crazy.  It was exhausting. It was perfect!    Now, to let that dry! I cannot WAIT to apply the resin!  It's gonna be AWESOME!!!! happens and it's 3-4 days before I get to the resin!   Applying the ArtResin is the piece de resistance!   Oh my goodness!   I cannot even explain to you how fabulous this turned out!   You can't even begin to know how fantastical they are.  Pics do NO JUSTICE!  It's a lot of work but worth every moment!  I hope you like them as much as I do!   The pictures aren't great.  Not much sunshine in Georgia the last few I have glass globe kitchen light fixtures spray light in a crazy fashion.  But anywho... here they are.  And I couldn't love them more.  The hubs thinks I am magic!!! ❤❤


And THESE are the countertops I created for 44 Marketplace last spring.  Much  easier process using Modern Masters copper patina kit and pouring ArtResin over top.  More fabulosity!



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5 days and 5 ways to use ArtResin!


Happy Hump Day everyone!   Today I'm featuring a very special way to use Art❤Resin!  If you know me, you know I'm an artist with a severe case of ADD!  I LOVE to create, whether it's art, rehabbing old furniture building fun stuff, making jewelry...I like to have my hands in it all!!!  I have always been intrigued with fused glass.  I've seen so many fabulous pieces!   Wellll...I don't have a kiln, so I decided to attempt to recreate a beautiful fused glass bowl using...YOU guessed it...ArtResin!   

This is my first attempt!   and it turned out beautifully!  



Here's what I did. I wanted my "bowl" to be symmetrical so I started with 2 large flat circular pans.   I lined each pan with plastic sheeting (the resin doesn't stick to plastic) and poured about a 1/2" layer of glass into one pan. Set the other pan aside for now.   I shook and tapped the pan so that the glass settled a bit and added more where needed. I mixed my ArtResin and stirred and stirred and stirred.  Lol.  Then I stirred again!  I used my "secret Cindy technique" for drizzling resin over the glass making sure I covered all the glass without using an excessive amount.  This is where it gets tricky!  If you work with resin you kinda get a feel for its curing/drying stages.  This is important in this case.  Basically I wanted to wait a few hours for the resin to set up enough that it was still sticky but NOT too runny. I just kept checking back til it was set up enough for me to place my 2nd plastic cover pan over the top and flip the glass perfectly into the second pan.  This technique helps keep both sides of the bowl organic.   Now there's more babysitting!  Yup. You must be a devoted glass freak for this!   At this point I want the resin pliable enough that I can pull the plastic and glass out of the pan and place it into a bowl mold for it to finish hardening.  NOW you can go to dinner, drink some wine and go to bed dreaming about how fantastical your new creation will be in the morning!!!   And it WAS!   It was hardened into a perfect bowl shape.  Think you're done?   Nope.  At this point I want to brush on a thin layer of resin on the entire bowl to give it a bit more coverage.   So I did one side at a time.  After that dried I decided I wanted to gold leaf the back side and the edges of the bowl.  I just brushed on the size and applied my leaf according to manufacturers instructions.  Then I let that dry and mixed a tad more ArtResin and brushes it over the leaf areas.  Keep your brush coats thin...that way you don't have drips! Guess what. NOW I'm done and I LOVE IT!   I love it so much that I'm trying another piece!  (See pics)  I'll keep ya posted on how it turns out!!! 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
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5 days and 5 ways to use ArtResin!

Today I am featuring colored or tinted #ArtResin epoxy.  Did you know resin could be tinted?   It's my favorite way to play!   I use a variety of colorants to color my Resin. Depending on what I am creating, I have used artist acrylics, alcohol inks (you can make your own!) and even spray paint!!   There are several ways to create art using tinted epoxy resin.  Today I will feature 2 of the many options.

The first pic illustrates what I call a random abstract pour.  I mix a measured amount of resin as per the instructions.  When it's completely blended I divide the resin into several separate cups (I use the 8oz clear plastic disposable ones). For the first pic I mixed 4 colors as well as keeping a small amount clear...just in case!  I mixed a dark navy blue using artist acrylics, a lighter blue used alcohol ink, white was cheapy craft store paint and the gold was actually spray paint.  I took the cup of clear Resin outside and sprayed the gold directly into my resin cup. (ALWAYS do that outside!)  There is no right or wrong way or order to pour at this point.  I was pouring on 2- 10x10 canvas so I just sat them close together and started randomly adding my colors.  I poured a little white first...then the navy, followed by the light blue, more white...then the gold.  At this point I picked up my canvas and just tilted and turned it every which way but loose!  I wanted the colors to run and blend, as well as cover the sides of the canvas.  Once I liked the look I sat them on a plastic covered block to keep it raised off of my surface (you learn that trick really fast!). You should make sure your surface is level so that all the epoxy doesn't run off of one edge (another hard learned lesson!) Also keep in mind that the colors will continue to merge and shift's actually fun to watch because you never know what you're gonna get!


The next pic is a very simple more painterly option.   I premixed my resin as per instructions and I stirred and stirred and stirred!   I divided the resin into 3 cups/colors.  I used clear/untinted, light blue alcohol ink and white acrylic craft paint.   I poured on a little clear on the bottom portion where the turtle sits in the sand and brushed a bit of it over the top portion.  Next I poured the blue "water and used a small disposable chip brush to push the blue around a bit.   I poured the white across the top and then drizzled a bit along the sands edge as well as a bit in the middle.  I like the way the white separate and creates cells over the blue alcohol ink.  Hit it with a blow torch and voila!   Very beachy huh!??


Here are a few more pics of my art using these 2 tinted resin options!   Hope you like them!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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Thanks for checking out Day One of 

5 days and  5 ways to use ArtResin!

Day one features using #ArtResin to essentially "glue" shattered and broken glass pieces together on a prepainted or finished substrate.  Sometimes the glass is the arts subject matter and sometimes the glass accentuates the art itself!   
I have attached 3 examples.


In the first pic you will see that I have put together a beadboard substrate and finished it with a crackled white plaster material.  After that dries...I added my glass and "sculpted" a cross using clear shattered tempered glass.  You can't really tell from the pic, but the glass is really piled on...1/2" to 3/4" in most instances.  There is a process to getting this just right so that you actually cover all the dimensions of glass without wasting a LOT of epoxy!  The white space (or open area where there is no glass) is just brushed lightly with the resin to give the piece a finished look.  

The second pic is basically the same substrate with a bit more color added to create an abstract seascape.  Here I have used the glass to accentuate the seascape.


The last example is a combination of sorts.   The purse is sculpted of mirrored glass while the shoe detail has been painted and accentuated with small glass beads!

If you are eager to try this technique for yourself...stay tuned!   I will be posting the date for my 2-day Art Shattered class VERY SOON. This is a comprehensive workshop where you will learn all the gory details!!!  

Have questions about #ArtResin?   Shoot me an email, I will do my best to answer your questions...or click the link below and visit the Art Resin website.  it is a plethora of information!

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Come back tomorrow for more Art Resin fun!!!